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About Us

Beck Family Katahdins is a small family flock owned by Rick, Lynn, Jason, and Michelle Beck. We currently run around 20 Registered Ewes and have an RR Ram with quality bloodlines.

After being raised around various types of livestock, mainly horses, and contemplating this idea for over a year, our family decided in 2012 to  venture into the World of Katahdins. As the Katahdin International Sheep Association states, a "Breed Whose Time Has Come."

Our goal is to raise Katahdins that exhibit excellent bloodlines as well as one's that are easily handled and will make families excellent 4H Sheep. Although this will take time, we believe we are headed in the right direction.

This breed has certainly risen as the perfect breed for our family, as everything you read seems to be true:

  • No sheering is needed
  • Parasite Resistant
  • Ewes are Excellent Mothers
  • Fast growth of lambs is superb to many other breeds
  • Hardy and Suitable for nearly all climates ranging from Canada to South America,
  • Proven Ewes can sustain over 200% lambing rate
  • Low maintenance
  • High Quality Meat that is less in fat than most other sheep breeds as well as beef and poultry
  • Lambs can have lots of color!
  • Excellent family piece of livestock

**In an effort to obtain high quality bloodlines, we have obtained a RR Ram and several nice Ewes from some of the best Katahdin breeders around. We would like to thank Jane and David Smith, Jeff Poynter, and David Maddox of Warm Springs Katahdins for helping us get started.**



Our 7 acre farm, located in West Central Indiana, consists of 2 pastures, an open concept barn with 2 lambing pens, as well as a larger barn with 4 stalls that we utilize when lambs are born. During Weaning Time, we have a seperate lot with a Port-A-Hut that makes for nice protection from the elements.

We strive to maintain clean facilities and give our animals the best care possible. 

All of our Katahdins have free access to an abundance of green pasture, mineral blocks, grain regularly, as well as quality hay when needed.


Active Members in The Following Organizations:

Katahdin Hair Sheep International Association

 Midwest Katahdin Association (

Washington County Sheep Assocation (